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Snowman Necklace

Snowman Necklace

Beautiful  Peridot, Rhodonite, Artistic Africian Pieces, and Howlite, with a Stainless Steel Chain.
  • Product dimensions

    Product dimensions:

    Inches = 17.5"-18.5"

    CM = 44.5 - 47 cm


    The materials on this necklace are known to have the following properties*:


    Howlite: Believed to have extremely calming energy and used to relieve anxiety, tension and intense emotions. Also said to: encourage patience, reduce a tendency to over criticize and promote selflessness.


    Rhodonite: Stone of Grace and elegance. Excellent to aid self esteem and self confidence. Decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. Strong heart based energy, known to provide healing vibration to help with relationship problems.


    Peridot: May increase confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought. It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness.


    Designed by Silvia Vaiani - SV Jewelry.


    * Please note that healing crystal and stone meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. We do not guarantee any of the listed stones or crystals properties.

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