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Dragon Necklace

Dragon Necklace

Beautiful Coral, Dalmatian Stone, Lava Rock and Silver plate handcrafted necklace.
  • Product Details

    Product Dimensions:

    Inches = 21 1/2

    CM = 54.6

    The materials on this necklace are known to have the following properties*:

    Dalmatian Stone: Grounding energy, supportive of family and loyalty, calming influence for children and animals. An excellent anti-smoking crystal, believed to strengthen the resolve to quit smoking and provide the determination needed to succeed. Encourages fidelity and emotional harmony, strengthening family bonds and long-term friendships. It encourages team effort and cooperation at work.

    Red Coral: Believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace. Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy. Dark red coral is used for heating and stimulating the bloodstream.Lava Stone: Stone of strength and courage, it allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in life. Considered a fiery fertility stone, it was often given to woman who had issues of infertility or poor libido. 

    Designed by Silvia Vaiani - SV Jewelry.

    * Please note that healing crystal and stone meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. We do not guarantee any of the listed stones or crystals properties.

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