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Agata Cross Necklace

Agata Cross Necklace

Beautiful handcrafted Agate and hammered Argentinian Alpaca Cross Necklace.
  • Product Details

    Product dimensions:

    Inches =  21"-22" 

    CM = 53.34-55.88 

    The materials on this necklace are known to have the following properties*:

    Agate: Balances the subtle energies. It is said that helps in protection, especially with small children. It supplies courage and increases the creativity of students and artists. The boost of energy from this stone always comes in waves; therefore it can help whenever it is necessary to overcome a certain situation. Is also known to aid people with problems related to forgiveness and in all cases where releasing of bitterness and despair is needed. This in turn improves the love relations, relations to other people in general, and within the family.

    Designed by Silvia Vaiani - SV Jewelry.

    * Please note that healing crystal and stone meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. We do not guarantee any of the listed stones or crystals properties.

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